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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Special05 Agaocephala margaridae (Rare) Brazil 5P 300 Yes
Special02 Danaus plexippus (Monarch butterfly) Peru 100pcs 180 Yes
Special33 Heterometrus laoticus (Large) Thailand 100pcs 170 Yes
Special04 Idea blanchardi kuhni (Peleng Is.) Indonesia 100pcs 80 Yes
Special23 Morpho cisseis gahua (Brown) (A-) Peru 20M 90 Yes
Special16 Morpho didius (A-) Peru 100M 480 Yes
Special15 Morpho didius Peru 100M 600 Yes
Special18 Morpho godarti assarpai (Chontachaca,Cusco) Peru 100M 550 Yes
Special20 Morpho menelaus alexandrovna (Cusco) Peru 100M 600 Yes
Special36 Papilio ulysses ulysses (22x18x6.5cm, Acrylic) Indonesia 20M 500 Yes
Special19 Plusiotis chrysargirea (Silver) Costa Rica 20M 700 Yes
Special26 Titanacris albipes Peru 50F 300 Yes
Special24 Tropidacris dux (Largest grasshopper) Peru 50F 160 Yes
Special13 Urania ripheus (Sunset moth) Madagascar 1000pcs 650 Yes
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